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Get a $250 credit towards services with any luxury house or villa rental.

Luxury Vacation Rentals

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It's your vacation

Why not make it extra special with a beach vacation rental home in Jaco Beach?  Kings of Jaco offers beautiful beachfront properties equipped with amenities to cater to our clients’ every need.

We offer houses, villas, and mansions situated near some of the most breathtaking views in Jaco. Most of our Jaco Beach vacation rentals come complete with bars, pools, leisure areas, and close to all of the places visitors want to keep the party going all night long. Each of our properties is specifically designed to host parties, making them the ideal place to throw your bachelor or bachelorette party.

Kings Villa Tranquillo

The Spanish colonial architecture has been reinterpreted in a modern manner,
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Kings Casa Solara

The perfect place for people to experience the wonders of Costa Rica.
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Kings Casa Pacifica

The perfect spot to enjoy a drink or two while watching the sunset.
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Kings Casa Oasis

Close to all amenities that make Los Sueños such an attractive vacation resort.
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Kings Harmon Estate

The perfect vacation villa with the luxury, the comfort, privacy, and convenience you need to feel great.
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